The south coast town of Limassol is the island’s largest seaside resort. Acting as a magnificent backdrop to the city that spreads for ten miles along the coast are the Troodos Mountains, in whose fertile foothills most of the country’s grapes are grown. Since the middle Ages when the Crusaders held Cyprus under Richard the Lion heart, Limassol has been known to traders for its wine and sugar cane, the most famous at the time being the local sweet wine ‘Commandaria’. Now, this second largest city of Cyprus, has a population of about 94.250 and is the centre of the Cyprus wine-making industry.

Limassol is the second biggest town of Cyprus and it has become one of the greatest Mediterranean harbors for the transshipment of goods. Limassol also has an attractive, newly-completed marina equipped with every facility for the yachtsman.

Concentrated chiefly on the eastern side of Limassol, all types of holiday accommodation have been built close to the sea. These range from luxury hotels to apartments and villas. Near them are a wide range of taverns,  pubs, discos and nightclubs There are numerous beaches to choose from. Popular during midsummer are the town beaches with the convenience of public facilities, cafes and bars. There are also restaurants famous for fish ‘mezes’ along the beaches just out of town on the coasts, for example “Ladies Mile’, west of the new port.

Limassol is known for its long tradition in cultural venues. It gives the possibility to the visitors to attend a great number of activities, visit museums and archaeological sites.

There is a vibrant and visible arts influence with retro theatres and exhibitions continually happening. Parks, concerts and open air celebrations bring the local populace together in a unique manner, most notably the spring Carnival and the summer Wine Festival.

Both citizens and municipal leaders are working jointly to advance Limassol into the modern European community. The objectives are to improve the inhabitants’ quality of life, to transform our town into an educational and cultural centre, to revive the old Limassol in the eyes of the new international generation, promising a bright future for all who live in this wonderful city.

Limassol is today the largest ship management service centre in Europe with more than 60 shipmanagement companies located in the city, as due to the Cyprus Shipping tax system (a choice between corporation tax or a tonnage tax system)it makes it very attractive for ship management companies to have their main offices in Limassol. Thus the very popular MARITIME CYPRUS shipping conference which takes place every 2 years, attracting all the largest shipping companies of the world. These shipmanagement companies currently employee more than 40.000 seafarers. In fact, the Cyprus registry today is ranked as the tenth among international fleets.

Work has begun on a project to build a new marina located to the west of Limassol Castle, between the old and new ports. This new development will allow berthing of ocean-going yachts and construction is expected to be completed by 2012 with the marina having a capacity of 1.000 vessels.

During the last years, Limassol has experienced a construction boom fueled by the tourist sector as well as from increasing foreign investments in the city. Public projects like the redesigning of the city’s 1 kilometer promenade, are improving the quality of life of the people and the image of the city as a cosmopolitan destination. Infrastructure improvements partly funded by European programs have helped solve traffic problems that the city faced with the construction of new highway flyovers and roundabouts.