Proprietorship Laws

Owning property & real estate by foreigners in Iran – Laws and Regulations

Translation by: Farhad Rahbari

From the year 1328 (solar calendar) it’s possible for foreigners to own real estate and property by foreigners in Iran. It’s possible to purchase them for residential, industrial and business purposes. But those who can own are divided in different groups:

1)    For non-resident individuals: must send these documents to the political delegations of their own countries in order to be sent to the relevant authorities of Iran: name & family name, residency and citizenship, age and marital status, children, ownership documents, visa, passport, id cards &…

2)    For resident individuals: the same documents as mentioned above are needed plus the residency documents must be sent to the ministry of foreign affairs through the registration offices.

3)    Legal entities:

A)    Foreign private benefit institutions: based on and limited to their investment license are allowed to buy real estate and properties.

B)    Companies of mass construction are allowed as well, provided that they sell all of their share and ownership to an Iranian entity or individual (or a licensed and permitted foreign entity or individual) right after the completion of the project.

C)    Non-profit associates may conduct renting real estate and properties for a limited-period of 25 years.

All of these entities must be approved by ministries of foreign affairs, internal affairs and information. The approval of the President himself is also required in some cases. It is understood that the easiest, quickest way to attain an ownership of property for foreigners in Iran is to register a company and process with the help of a good lawyer.

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