Things to consider before purchasing a new house - Part I

Things to consider before purchasing a new house - Part I

[Translation by Farhad Rahbari]

In these series of articles, we’ll provide you some tips which might come in handy while scouting for a new shelter for you and your beloved family:

1)      Budget: considering your budget, you have to evaluate different neighborhoods and areas which fit your budget most.

2)      Prioritize: Choosing a new house is based on your personal preferences, since each neighborhood has it’s own pros and cons. You need to determine what specifications are suitable for you.

3)      Regional amenities: after coming to a conclusion, it’s time to check on the welfare facilities in the area. Get there daily so that you could inspect the traffic volume in that area of city, as well as the distance to the closest facilities such as parks, shops, malls, groceries, pharmacies, medical services, schools, banks, gas stations, gyms, posts and...

4)      Public transportation: evaluate your area in terms of public transportation availability, such as taxi, buses and metro stations nearby.

5)      Distance to your work: measure the distance to your (and obviously your family members’) workplace. Find the best possible routes. Keep in mind that this could turn into a big trouble after a while if you’re too far from there.