Things to consider before purchasing a new house - Part II

Things to consider before purchasing a new house - Part II [Translation by Farhad Rahbari]

1)      Cultural habits of the inhabitants: The cultural habits of your neighbors define the overall view of a neighborhood during the day. In some months of the year, in religious neighborhoods, there might be some traffic or loud sound. You have to keep that in mind because it’s impossible to change the nature of a neighborhood because you’re the only one not enjoying it.

2)      Crowd during working hours: houses in the vicinity of the schools, medical services or big offices cause mass traffic and overcrowding. If you have a family member in need of silence and relaxation during the day, you will definitely be in trouble if you choose these areas for living.

3)      Originality of the inhabitants: Some neighborhoods of Tehran has noble, genteel population who have been living in that area since a long time ago, which in return will smoothly rise the prices in that specific area. This might be important to some and they would willingly pay the difference, but if you’re not one of them, then do not waste your money on your non-priorities.

4)      Regional climate: this is much more important in the big cities like Tehran and Isfahan in terms n of pollutants. Usually there’s a relation between the population density and air pollution. If the clean, fresh air is on the top of your list, you might want to choose from lower density neighborhoods (in simple words, density means the number of inhabitants per square meter.

5)      Accessing main streets and highways: the condition of your nearby could turn into a big problem. Some neighborhoods have great access to the main streets that even their competent neighborhoods with the same prices do not. Also having many routes to your work and back, could be pretty determinative during rush hours.